4 Better Web Browsers for Linux and Everyone Else

“Our Web browsers do everything these days, and they’re also the
#1 malware vector. Eric Geier reviews four excellent Web browsers
for Linux, Mac, and Windows users that are safer, friendlier, and
better than Internet Explorer.

“Just about all the mainstream web browsers today are available
for download in Linux. Since most of your computing time is likely
spent in front of the browser, you shouldn’t just settle with the
one that came preinstalled with your distribution. We’ll review
four different browsers you can use in Linux, where you can pick
the one that’s best for you.

“Before we discuss the unique features of these browsers, I
should point out a couple features included in all of them. Some of
these features might be new to you if you’re coming from Internet
Explorer. They each have some sort of pop-up blocker and
phishing/malware protection. Additionally, they all have an
integrated spell checker, which can really be invaluable. Each
browser (except Flock 2.6.1) has a synchronization feature so your
settings and favorites will be the same across all your computers.
Plus they also have some sort of password and download