5 Linux Distributions that deserves more Love

3. Chakra Linux

If you are a KDE fan and you cannot wait for months to use the latest software then there’s a match for you made in heaven, they call it Chakra Linux which started as a Arch Linux fork but has turned into an independent distribution with its own repositories, packages, Kernel and half/rolling release cycle.

Chakra Linux works mostly out of the box and has all the goodness of Arch Linux. Some may argue that why not use Arch Linux and then install KDE instead of using Chakra Linux. First the install process, no matter how hard everyone try to convince you how easy it is, it is not. An OS should be easy to use and even easier to install, not the other way around.

Chakra Linux is one of the very few true KDE distributions available, so you can be assured that you will get the very best KDE experience while using Chakra Linux.