5 Resources for Getting Much More Out of VLC Media Player

[ Thanks to An Anonymous Reader for
this link. ]

“A Visual Guide. FLOSSManuals, which offers many free manuals on
open source applications and platforms, has a good, concise, free
online guide to installing and using VLC Media Player on Windows,
Mac OS X, or Linux, found here. The instructions are good for
introducing you to VLC Media Player’s main functions. You’ll find
individual ‘chapters’ on how to perform various functions along the
left rail of the guide.

“Tips and Tricks. ThinkDigit has a very good collection of tips
and tricks on VLC Media Player, found here. You’ll find tips on how
to do non-obvious things like taking snapshots of video, streaming
video across a network, overlaying logos and adding effects, and
using VLC as a video transcoder.”

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