50 Awesome Open Source Apps You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

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“Experts estimate that the number of open source apps
available doubles every fourteen months. Sourceforge alone has more
than 260,000 projects, and with so many open source apps now
available from so many different repositories, it can be hard to
keep up.

“For this list, we’ve highlighted some newer open source tools
you might have missed. We also included some gems from obscure
categories, like Mandelbulbs, gene sequencing, and knitting, to
name just a few. Other open source tools on the list are good
projects that are overshadowed by older, better-known projects, and
at least one is an old favorite that has a new name.

“We hope you enjoy our list of open source apps you’ve
(probably) never heard of. And if you’ve heard of some awesome apps
that we haven’t, feel free to offer suggestions in the comments
section below.

1. Turnkey Linux

“First launched in 2008, Turnkey provides pre-configured virtual
appliances based on open source applications. Their most recent
offering is a backup and migration appliance, and they also offer
LAMP stack, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, File server, Ruby on Rails,
and dozens of other appliances. Operating System: Linux.

“Audio Tools
2. Radio Downloader”

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