A call for kernel.org mirrors

“H. Peter Anvin” posted
to linux-kernel:

Hi everyone,

I know it is late, but I have been very occupied with some other
concerns; some of which are kernel.org related.

I would like to set up an “official mirror” system for
kernel.org. “Official” means a set of mirrors that are willing

  1. Have a contact person on file;
  2. Allow public access;
  3. Update their mirror via rsync or FTP at least daily (privileged
    access will be provided to participating hosts);
  4. Mirror all of /pub/linux and /pub/software (either .gz or .bz2
    files may be excluded at your option);
  5. Participate in a


uniform URL (via roundrobin CNAME DNS) scheme. The exact spec
for the uniform URL is not set in stone at this point, but probably
will be in the next few days.

If you are interested in participating, please subscribe to the
mailing list; the goal is to have this system operational by the
time 2.2 hits the wire.