A Day to Forget for SCO

InfoWorld: SCO Develops Second Thoughts About Groklaw

“The SCO Group Inc. is reconsidering its plans to launch an
alternative to the Groklaw.net Web site that had been scheduled to
go live this week, a company spokeswoman said Monday.

“Nearly one month after promising to launch the Web site, which
was to provide information on SCO’s various legal disputes, a
number of undisclosed issues are causing the company to have second
thoughts on the project, said Janielle Fernandes, a spokeswoman for
the Lindon, Utah software vendor…”


The Salt Lake Tribune: A Day to Forget for SCO: Web Site Isn’t
Ready and Stock Price Tumbles

“Earlier Monday, Linux creator Linus Torvalds–also skeptical of
past claims by SCO that DoS attacks had skewered company Web sites
for up to several days at a time–had dismissed the rumors as

“‘If [SCOinfo.com] is stillborn, it’s because they don’t
actually have any positive spin to put up,’ he said…”