A Good Technical Recruiter Is Worth Their Weight In Gold

[ Thanks to Caitlyn Martin for this link.

“The economic news today was good: the U.S.
unemployment rate is down to 8.9% and hiring is up in the private
sector. For those who are looking for an IT position right now
there is one thing the improving economy won’t help: the sad state
of technical recruiting today.

Once upon a time I was working a contract for a well known,
large company in the IT field. We had an opening on the team. I was
called into my boss’ office and asked if I was unhappy. I said no
and asked why. A recruiter, without my knowledge or permission, had
sent my resume to my boss. Fortunately I had a good relationship
with that manager and he believed me when I said I was not looking.
I ended up working 15 months on what was originally a six month

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