A look at Sabayon Linux 5.5

“Sabayon Linux is a distribution based on the popular
source-based Gentoo project. Sabayon takes source packages from
Gentoo’s repositories, builds them into binary packages and puts
them together in various editions, such as KDE, GNOME & Gaming.
The Sabayon distro is a rolling release, meaning that the available
software is always updating, always staying on the bleeding edge
and, ideally, the user won’t have to hop from one stable release to
the next. One of the first things I noticed while on the Sabayon
website is that it’s dark, an observation quickly followed by
noting the site has quite a mixture of large and small fonts of
various colours. Parts of the site remind me of a house decorated
in Christmas lights at night. A third observation is that Sabayon
has a lot of tag lines, “open your source open your mind” being a
nice one. Another is, “the cutest, free Operating System” and a
third, “as easy as an abacus, as fast as a segway”. These, along
with some other statements on the site, led me to believe the
writer isn’t a fluent English speaker, or perhaps isn’t familiar
with segways.

“At any rate, I grabbed the KDE edition of Sabayon 5.5, an ISO
which weighs in at 2GB, and got to work. Right away it is apparent
that Sabayon embraces the Choice aspect of free & open source
software. The live DVD offers several boot options, including a KDE
4.5 environment, a media center and a KDE desktop for netbook
machines. There is also a media center for netbooks and both
graphical and text-based installer options. It’s a full boot


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