A pair of utilities for DansGuardian users

[ Thanks to jhansonxi for this link.

“Content filtering is a requirement of the home desktop
system configuration build I’m working on. Young children are part
of the client base so it’s mandatory. DansGuardian is basically the
only free option available. It’s a server daemon so it has
command-line configuration only. Once it’s running parents don’t
need to mess with the basic settings but they need to be able to
set filtering controls for children without a lot of hassle. On
Ubuntu it doesn’t come with any blacklists but third-party lists
are available. Shalla Secure Services has one of the most
comprehensive list that’s free for home use but installing and
updating it is also a hassle. I wrote a pair of scripts to solve
both of these problems.

“There are a few options for DansGuardian GUI. Some firewalls
like SmoothWall have plug-ins for it. Two popular stand-alone ones
are DansGuardian-GUI from Ubuntu CE and WebStrict from Saliby.
Unfortunately they both rely on Tinyproxy which has a bug with
DansGuardian that prevents many pages from loading. They also drag
in FireHOL which I don’t need.”

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