A script for auto-configuring saned network connections

[ Thanks to jhansonxi for this link.

“Host-connected image scanners can be shared through
saned (part of sane-utils in Ubuntu). It can be run continuously as
a daemon or on-demand through Inetd. Basic configuration for either
mode is simple and generic but adding the network address to the
saned.conf file in CIDR notation is not. When you are setting up
systems for multiple clients on different networks and IP ranges,
this is a bit of a nuisance. To automate this I wrote
saned-subnet-conf which will automatically add an entry for
whatever network the host connects to through Network Manager or
the ifupdown utilities directly.

“Whenever a network connection is made or broken, scripts can be
triggered. These scripts need to be located (or linked to) in
“/etc/network” in specific subdirectories, the choice of which
determines when they execute. Variables are passed to them that can
be used for changing behavior based on the network interface,
address assignment mode used (DHCP, static, ppp, etc.), and other
values. See the interfaces man page for some hints. Network Manager
executes these scripts with
“/etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/01ifupdown” which uses the
run-parts utility. Network Manager does not trigger the “pre”
directories due to a design decision.”

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