A Tale of Two Computers

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times …
(Sorry I could not resist. It has to be the best opening ever for a
novel. Kudos to Mr. Dickens.)

“My wife and I bought two computers at the same time. Hers was a
laptop and mine was a desktop computer. Both came with Windows XP
pre-installed. She uses Windows every day and I never use Windows,
but instead have run a version of Kubuntu or Ubuntu since the day
that I bought it, almost five years ago. Those are the facts.

“In all of that time I have but one problem with my desktop
computer; I had to replace the power supply and bumped up the RAM
to run VMs. I have had no software issues. I have re-installed
Ubuntu every six months or gone the upgrade route once or twice. I
have run alpha versions to final releases of many distributions
including the above mentioned.”

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