Acquia Ties Success to Growth of Drupal

“In the last year, a growing number of companies based on free
and open source software (FOSS) have come out of stealth mode. One
of the latest is Acquia, which provides services for organizations
that use Drupal, the popular content management platform. ‘Until
now,’ says Jeff Whatcott, Acquia’s vice president of marketing,
‘there hasn’t been a Red Hat or Ubuntu of the Drupal world.’ Acquia
plans to fill that gap by selling subscription services that will
improve what Whatcott calls the ‘few rough edges and gaps’ in
Drupal, at the same time that the company establishes itself in the
eyes of community.

“Whatcott refers to Drupal as ‘social publishing’ software–that
is, a combination of tools for content management, social software
such as blogs, wikis, and forums, and a Web framework…”