ActiveWin.com: Linux-Mandrake 7.2 PowerPack Deluxe [Review]

Since the ActiveWin.Com inception no Linux software was
ever tested. Indeed our site is primarily dedicated to the
Microsoft world, and so it doesn’t cover Linux. However there’s a
growing anti-Microsoft feeling, which we don’t share at all, and
Linux is surely its best competitor. That’s why we have decided to
review and test Mandrake Deluxe 7.2
, what we consider to be
one of the best compromises between the ease of use of Windows and
the several advantages of Linux. Linux is a free and open source
operating system, everyone can tweak, change, and modify to best
fit his or her need. However this liberty has some limits since the
main drawback of Linux is that it remains hard to use. That’s where
MandrakeSoft focused their efforts to bridge the gap in the 7.2
Mandrake distribution between the unrivalled Windows Millennium
ease of use & the unprecedented power of Linux. This new
release 7.2 has been thought to simplify further our hard lives. Is
that true? That’s what we’ll see in this review.”

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