Adventures in Kubuntu: Throwing in the towel

“Regular visitors have already read about my ongoing experiment
with Kubuntu. To recap, I’m a little worried about where Gnome is
going, and want to be ready to switch desktop environments if need
be. So I installed kubuntu-desktop over an existing Ubuntu
installation on a desktop machine. That went fairly well, so I did
the same on my laptop, and started running into stability and
performance issues, which I posted about earlier.

“These posts were picked up by a couple of Linux-related blogs,
and I got a few new visitors, some of whom had helpful comments. I
mean, genuinely helpful, not the sarcastic “well why don’t you just
go die” type that I got on my posts about Mint. These guys were
really interested in helping me get a foothold in KDE, and their
comments divided into three broad categories: 1) Here is how you
fix [something]; 2) Don’t test KDE by installing it over Gnome; 3)
Kubuntu is not the best choice if you want a solid KDE distro.”

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