Advogato: OpenMPEG: a project to create GPLed MPEG4 implementation

[ Thanks to Andy Tai for
this link. ]

“MPEG4 is the new standard for digital media with superior
compression and quality, but currently there is no free (open
source) implementation. To address the need of free software to
support advanced digital media, a group of people have started the
OpenMPEG project, aimed to create fully GPLed MPEG4 implementation.
They can be found at http://www.openmpeg.org/.”

“Media is going digital. Video, audio, multimedia will be an
essential part of computing. MPEG4, the new digital video and audio
standard, offers better compression ratio and rendering quality
over previous standards like MPEG1 and MPEG2. Microsoft’s Window
Media is the commonly used implementation today (some say it is not
fully MPEG4 compliant), and the lack of competition means Microsoft
will have full control over digital media distribution. There
is clearly the need for a Free Software (Open Source) MPEG4
implementation, and the OpenMPEG Project has been started to
address this need.


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