Alan Cox has been writing in his diary again…

On Sunday, Linux Today reported on a December 11 entry in Alan
Cox’s on-line diary in
which he says he would not be a speaker at LinuxWorld Expo because
they would not pay speakers’ expenses.

In his diary entry for December 13, Alan Cox said he had agreed
to speak at The Bazaar instead
and that they would have no trouble paying his expenses.

On December 14, this created a row on

Charlie Greco President, IDG World Expo next issued a correction
stating that LinuxWorld Expo would pay some speakers expenses and
that IDG World Expo is “reviewing each speaker’s financial needs on
a case by case basis.”

In his December 14 diary entry, Alan Cox recounts a phone call
he got from “the head of IDG LinuxWorld” and “…they did offer to
pay my travel expenses but since they can only fund some people I
figure they should fund others instead.”

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