Aligning Linux Distributions With Presidential Hopefuls

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“First, let’s start with the current leader of the Republican
pack, Mitt Romney. If he ran Linux, I’d pin him as a Debian user.
It’s a bland but predictable distribution, the Old Faithful of the
open source world. Although not particularly stylish or sensational
itself, it nonetheless has provided the foundation upon which
myriad more trendy distributions have been built by borrowing its
ideas and adding flair. And it’s also the distribution many of us
will default to from time to time — not because we think it’s
the best, but because it’s better than all the others.

“Moving on to Ron Paul, gNewSense would clearly be his
distribution of choice. It’s radically free — as in, no
proprietary code whatsoever, anywhere — and it doesn’t worry
about offending anyone on its crusade to spread the Free Software
gospel. It’s also one of the few distributions endorsed by Richard
Stallman, who happens as well to be a fan (with a few reservations)
of Paul.”

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