All About Linux: Vector Linux–A Sleek, Secure Linux Distribution Based on Slackware

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“Over the years, I have installed and used quite a number of
Linux distributions. But one distribution which I hadn’t got the
chance to install and use was the venerable Slackware. This was
because I have encountered some difficulty in downloading this
distribution from its official website–They actively encourage
downloading the OS using a torrent rather than ftp. Anyway,
recently I decided to download a relatively small Linux
distribution going by the name Vector Linux. What piqued my
interest in downloading this distribution was that it is based on
Slackware. The version of Vector Linux I decided to try out was
Vector Linux SOHO 5.1 which stands for Small Office Home Office. I
downloaded the CD image and burned it into a CD. Then I booted
using this CD…”

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