AllLinuxDevices Digest for September 19, 2000

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The Day’s Headlines:

  • Yahoo!/ZDNet News: TiVo vs. ReplayTV: The grudge match

    “Luckily, the folks at ReplayTV were kind enough to rush me their
    latest unit, and within a day or two, I had set up a makeshift
    home-testing lab for the ultimate shoot-out: TiVo in one room,
    ReplayTV in the other, and may the best platform win. Here’s how
    both units fared after one month of continual use in my home.”

  • Seminar: Embedding Linux for Data Acquisition and Telecom

    “Computer I/O has announced a free one day seminar on embedded
    Linux featuring Bill Weinberg of MontaVista, Dr. Victor Yodaiken,
    and Computer I/O Corporation’s Jason Smith.”

  • Sun Takes a Shine to Cobalt

    “The move fulfills Sun’s need to network its computer strategy,
    noted Daryl Plummer, group vice president of GartnerGroup, an
    independent provider of research and analysis on the computer
    hardware, software, communications and related information
    technology industries.”

  • LinuxDevices.com: Advanced information on a Korean combo cell phone
    + PDA

    “…this exciting new Embedded Linux based device is not just a
    cellular phone, but a combination cell phone plus PDA — complete
    with a 4″ TFT display and a tiny built-in video camera .”

  • CNNfn: Sun to buy Cobalt for $2B

    “Acquires server appliance provider in stock swap to gain market

  • PR: Sun Microsystems Acquires Cobalt Networks

    “Following completion of the merger, Cobalt will become the server
    appliance business unit of Sun’s Network Service Provider
    organization, reporting to Sun Executive Vice President John

  • Upside: Special Report: Console makers face a brand new

    “The customer base has grown into a mass market, and the buyer is
    as likely to be adult and female as teenage and male. Backward
    compatibility is a factor. The ubiquity of the Internet has pumped
    up the popularity of online gaming. Two new competitors, Microsoft
    (MSFT) and Indrema, are working on their own consoles, hoping to
    grab a slice of the market’s $6 billion revenue stream.”

  • PR: Coollogic Introduces Coollinux AE Platform

    “The Coollinux AE software platform is built around a core
    operating system specifically designed for Internet appliances such
    as digital set-top boxes, countertop devices, Web pads and thin
    clients. By using Coollinux AE bundled with Coollogic custom
    development, integration, support and service, OEMs experience
    faster product time to market and therefore, a greater return on

  • Embedded Linux Development Site Set to Unveil

    “On Oct. 2nd, the company will launch DevelopOnline.com, a site
    intended to serve as a collaborative, online development center for
    programmers, innovators and engineers to design or improve products
    over the Web. Through the site, developers will have instant access
    to working reference designs from multiple suppliers. A number of
    companies have already signed on to provide their technologies to
    developers through the site. They include Analog Devices, Avnet,
    Intel, Lineo, MontaVista, Motorola, PLX Technology and ST

Selected News From Outside the Linux World:

  • CNET News.com: Sun serves up Java on mobile phones

    “These Java-enabled services, though in the most nascent stages,
    indicate that the technology is finally entering the real world
    after years of being consigned to white papers, marketing plans and
    proof-of-concept demonstrations.”

  • eWeek: National Semi touts new ‘PC-on-a-chip’ Geodes

    “In touting three new embedded microprocessors utilizing its
    “PC-on-a-chip” technology introduced today, National Semiconductor
    Corp. appeared to have something of a chip on its shoulder about
    Transmeta Corp., a key rival and relative newcomer.”

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