AllLinuxDevices: Indrema Dev Net Launches, CEO Clarifies Certification and Copy Protection Plans

“…As opposed to previous interviews, where he indicated that
developers of free (gratis) game projects would receive waivers for
the certification fees Indrema plans to charge for the privilege to
produce games on their machine, Gildred announced that the
certification and royalty structure for the system will call for
free game developers to be charged a one-time certification fee for
each game they release. For-profit game developers will pay the
certification fee and a per-title royalty.”

“Certification, according to Gildred, will involve Indrema’s
approval of issues such as the framerate games run at (a minimum of
33 fps), and memory management issues. Uncertified games will not
be able to run on consumer model Indrema unit because the system
will require a digital signature from Indrema to run software. The
developer edition of the console will be able to run unsigned
games, allowing developers a chance to try out their work before
submitting it for certification.”

“Gildred also took a strong stand regarding the Indrema’s use of
copy protection via the system’s Digital Rights Management System
(DRMS) and encrypted DVD software.”

“According to Gildred, copy protection is a necessary step to
protect the work of those working on games, and something he will
not budge on despite his expectations that the Indrema will be the
source of no small amount of fascination among hackers out to learn
its secrets:”

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