AllLinuxDevices: Lineo Bolsters Development Of uClinux 2.4

“Lineo, Inc., a leading innovator in Linux-based embedded
systems, today announced the development of uClinux 2.4, based on
the pre-release Linux 2.4 kernel. Lineo’s uClinux is a micro
version of Linux that can be used in devices that use processors
without a memory management unit (MMU) .
The small hardware
requirements of uClinux make it an ideal solution for low-cost,
embedded devices that companies in a variety of markets have
quickly adopted.”

“With a typical kernel footprint of 512k bytes (or less) uClinux
has proven to be the best choice for a Linux-based embedded
solution. During this past week, Red Hat announced it had adopted
uClinux to assist in the production of the NET + Lx development
platform for Internet appliances. Other companies that have adopted
uClinux for their products include Aplio for the AplioPhone 2.0,
Axis Communication’s Network Camera 2100, and the Adomo Set Top
Home Thin Appliance. The commercial success of uClinux has
propelled this popular open source project into a real
industry-wide development.”

Press Release