AllLinuxDevices: MontaVista and Lineo Debate Issues in Real-Time Dustup

“The embedded Linux beat seems quiet enough most of the time:
far removed from the scuffles over desktop environments and editor
choices, the major players in the field are content to stick to
their lanes. Friday, though, a terse e-mail from Lineo took issue
with recent claims made by embedded Linux rivals MontaVista.”

“…According to Lineo’s David Beal, the problem with
MontaVista’s claims hinge on statements made by MontaVista’s Vice
President of Engineering Kevin Morgan, who said that the kernel
modifications made by his company offer a “relatively fully
preemptable kernel.

“Noting the word “relatively” in that statement, Beal says “What
he’s saying is, this is not hard real-time. It’s an improvement,
which is always a good thing, but it needs to be represented for
what it is…”

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