AllLinuxDevices: Nokia launches home product based on open source platforms

[ Thanks to Jim for this link.

“Nokia Home Communications today launched the Media Terminal, a
new product for the home that combines Internet media technologies
and digital broadcasting technologies. The software platform is
based on open standards and technologies: Linux operating system,
Xfree86-windowing system, the Mozilla web browser and compliant
protocols and standards.
The hardware is based on embedded
Intel X86 computer architecture combined with a Nokia DVB receiver
module, hard disc and additional network interfaces based on PCI

“The Media Terminal enables full Internet access and push-type
Internet services over TV broadcast networks. It will initially be
available for DVB broadcast networks. It will also be available in
an ADSL version enabling full Internet media decoding capabilities
for TV viewers. The main features of the Media Terminal include
full Internet access, split screen TV/Internet, pause/replay of
live broadcasts, digital TV recording to hard disc, video on
demand, file audio player, e-mail, 3D games, digital TV/radio, and
access to connected devices such as printer and digital

Press Release