AllLinuxDevices: REDSonic introduces RED-Probe, a real-time monitoring tool for REDICE-Linux

“REDSonic, Inc., a provider of real-time and embedded Linux
solutions, today announced the release of RED-Probe, a real-time
system event viewer and monitoring tool for REDICE-Linux.”

“RED-Probe is a graphical, real-time, monitoring and profiling
tool and an integral component of the REDICE-Linux development
system. In Active mode, R ED-Probe gives system developers the
ability to monitor all real-time and n on-real-time tasks that are
currently executing on an embedded system running REDICE-Linux. In
Passive mode, the user can load a trace file created previously
from running REDICE-Linux. Using RED-Probe, the embedded system
developer can easily view and analyze the behavior and execution of
their real-time applications, enabling them to verify the precision
of the execution and ensure that all deadlines have been met.”

“RED-Probe is an easy-to-use graphical tool, which enables
application developers the ability to remotely monitor the behavior
and performance of their real-time embedded system. It allows the
users to define triggers, configure views, perform advanced
searches, import trace files (Passive Probe) and monitor run-time
live systems (Active Probe). RED-Probe can also be integrated with
other REDSonic products, such as RED-Gen a unique, flexible and
powerful real-time schedule code generator”

Press Release

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