AllLinuxDevices: The Axis 2120: A Networkable Camera with Linux Under the Hood

“The Axis 2120 is a networkable camera running an embedded
version of Linux for Etrax CPUs. A complete OS for a camera may
seem like overkill, but there’s a lot more going on here than
taking pictures: this device is running an embedded web server (Boa
, which has a source tarball of under 100k), is capable of sending
pictures via ftp, can handle incoming ftp connections, and has an
alarm mode allowing it to take pictures and mail notifications
based on motion. Unlike it’s much less expensive cousing, the Axis
2100, the 2120 seems very sturdy and durable as it’s housed in a
metal case, though Axis warns that enclosures are required before
operating the camera outdoors.”

“All of this is packed into a camera 2.24″ tall, 3.39″ wide, and
5.43″ long. It sports an Etrax 100 32-bit RISC chip, 16MB RAM, and
4MB of flash RAM (2MB of which is available for user-designed HTML
files for its server.) According to Axis’ documentation, the
camera’s maximum resolution is 768×494 at 24 bits color and can
reproduce motion at a maximum of 30 frames per second.”

“The camera is clearly packaged with Windows users in mind, but
it includes directions for UNIX-based systems. To get it running
with a Linux machine, all that’s needed is a pair of commands (arp
and ping) plus a peek at the camera’s serial number, since the MAC
of the device for the arp command is derived from that. Once the
camera is talking to the rest of the network, visiting it with a
browser gives the user access to a web-based setup page that
includes a more detailed setup wizard and a set of general
configuration options.”

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