AllLinuxDevices: Weekly Roundup: August 30, 2000

Once again, it’s been a big week for news at
AllLinuxDevices, with a variety of stories from all over the
embedded Linux world. From real-time networking to handheld
development, we’ve had something for everyone. Here’s a look at the
past week.”

“Jim Pick provided an overview of the PocketLinux project,
explaining where it came from and where it’s headed. His article
also has some screenshots of the new OS in action on an iPAQ.
PocketLinux is available for the VTech Helio and the iPAQ. Though
the project is still in the “almost there” stage for day-to-day PDA
usage, it’s available for installation now.”

“David Schleaf and David Beal discussed the importance of the
recent release of RTnet, a GPL’d modification of the Linux
networking system, and provided some insight into why Lineo makes
use of the GPL. Real-time networking might not seem like the most
fascinating thing to the casual observer, but it’s essential to
embedded industrial systems, and Lineo’s contribution of this
enhancement makes the embedded Linux future that much more

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