AllLinuxDevices: Weekly Roundup: September 20, 2000

“A big week for news on the embedded Linux front: Sun’s $2
billion Linux play, more stuff on the TiVo, a look at Yopy running
Heretic, Bayonne sets its sights on voice over IP, and and the
answer to what a dwarf penguin is doing among the giants at the

  • “TiVo, TV Your Way”, is a must-read look at hacking the device.
    This feature includes photos and descriptions of everything you
    need to tap the PowerPC-based Linux box lurking under the
    consumer-friendly exterior:
  • The GNU digital telphony project ‘Bayonne’ has reached
    milestone #5, making voice over IP functionality the next step.
    David Sugar announced the milestone.
  • In the “that’ll be interesting to see” department, a CNET piece
    hinted that Royal, makers of the DaVinci handheld (a low-cost
    alternative to the Palm), might be going Linux, too.
  • Was there more? Yes, there was. Be sure to stop by the site’s
    main page and take a look: we reported on announcements of a new
    embedded Linux platform for set-top devices, some interesting facts
    on the why’s and how’s of real-time Linux, and found a provocative
    article from the Washington Post asking whether WAP is already

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