AllLinuxDevices: Weekly Roundup: September 6, 2000

“It was a fairly quiet week for embedded Linux. Here are a
few of the stories that caught our attention, from a
browser-controlled, Linux-running robot, to a look at the world of
embedded browsers.

“Internet Product Watch provided an item on a Linux-driven robot
that acts as a mobile, browser-controlled web cam. The robot will
cost around $5000, making it an expensive toy, but it looks like
fun! Check out the article for a link to the robot’s home page,
which includes some pictures.”

“Transmeta has bought back the licenses to its chip technology
from IBM and Toshiba and plans to go into the fabrication business
for itself. This is something of a gamble for the company: the bulk
of their revenue has been based on these licensing deals, and now
they’ll be relying on product sales.”

“Microsoft is once again running into evidence that the days of
owning a market at will are over, thanks in part to embedded Linux.
Here’s a good overview of the web browser market from the embedded
side of the coin.”

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