AllLinuxDevices: Win2K bites the dust: Making a PocketPC Work With Linux

“…Now I could ping Aero from all systems on my LAN. Put Aero
into DNS. It’s now officially part of the network! “

“The little FTP Server from
http://www.oohito.com/wince/mips_o_j.htm I downloaded before, now
proved to be a real asset in conjunction with gFTP. It was trivial
to move files back and forth from Aero.”

“Next stop was configuration of IMAP support on Aero. Pretty
straightforward. No issues there. The whole configuration could
have been enhanced with a bit of netfilter for security, but in my
situation there was really no need for that.”

“Basically, in just a few hours, I’ve achieved excellent
connectivity of Linux and PocketPC, thanks to a few documents and
free downloads. I still can’t sync Tasks and other items stored in
the proprietary database format, but most of the stuff I need
works. And, for once, it’s really reliable and fast.”

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