Amazon.com: New book releases

XML : Extensible Markup Language
by Harold, Rusty Eliotte;
Online Price: $31.99; Softcover; 345 Pages; Published by IDG Books
Worldwide 09/1998; ISBN: 0764531999

In the crowd of XML books, this book stands out, with its
specific focus on the needs of Web-page authors.

Mastering Linux, First Edition
by Danesh, Arman; Online Price:
$31.99; Softcover; 960 Pages; Published by Sybex Computer Books
11/1998; ISBN: 0782123414

For all the Windows or Linux users who are not Unix hackers,
this is the book for you.

There is a unique section designed for the SOHO or small
business which demonstrates how to use Linux as an inexpensive but
powerful file and print server for an office network. The book
covers Red Hat Linux throughout.