An Intro to Linux Distros and Live CDs

[ Thanks to Linuxaria for this link.

“Rumor has it that Linux Live CDs have been around since 1998,
so the concept isn’t new. But it is FREE in the best way – it
frees you from committing yourself until you actually see and
‘testdrive’ the new Distro. Live CDs free you to sample the field
without consequences or investing much time nor will they modify
your system (unless you want it).

“Last May (2011) Ubuntu came out with a radically new Desktop
Interface called “Unity” that was very controversial. The “father”
of Linux, Linus Torvalds, disliked it so much that he switched to
an entirely different Distro of Linux. I downloaded the new Distro
(Ubuntu 11.04) and “testdrove” the live CD. Decided I really liked
the Distro so by clicking the Install Icon on the desktop installed
it without hitch on my harddrive permanently (until something
better comes along). My cup of tea.

“I also tried the new Gnome 3 Desktop with the latest RedHat
Fedora Distro and didn’t like Gnome 3. Went off in a direction that
I didn’t care for in it’s look and feel. Was easy enough to find
out with the Live CD of Fedora without any wasted time and effort.
Just wasn’t my cup of tea.”

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