AnandTech: Building a Linux PVR [Parts 1 & 2]

“Once in a while, we get so excited about writing an article
that we completely lose focus and end up with a 10,000 word epic
instead of a concise little review. This two-part Linux TiVo
article ended up being one of those articles. Of course, we aren’t
really building a Linux TiVo, but rather something as close as we
can come, with some rudimentary hardware and free software–such as
Linux and MythTV.

“Considering the cost of a TiVo, service runs anywhere from $100
to $600 per year depending on what DVR and subscription you buy.
Building a moderate MythTV machine for around $500 actually saves
us money in the long run. Building our own device also allows us to
upgrade hardware easily and reconfigure the software at our

Complete Story
(Part 1)

Complete Story
(Part 2)

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