Andover News: Linux and the Future

I have a confession to make. I’ve made fun of Linux and
it’s advocates. I will continue to do so.
That being said, I
really like and admire the Open Source software movement….”

“That being said, my beat has been largely focused on the
behavior and internal corporate politics of high tech businesses.
Until recently, I’ve resisted taking Linux companies all that
seriously. There have been four reasons for this.”

“1 – Open Source software isn’t remotely the most interesting of
the emerging technologies….”

“2- I don’t believe that there is anything like a proper
valuation model for many companies operating in the Open Source

“3 – Being an important corporate player in the middle of a
rapidly expanding technology doesn’t guarantee future business

“4 – Open Source companies are generally pretty tiny by
comparison to other businesses in high tech….”