Android: A Better iPhone?

“If content is the winner — then content producers are
likely to thrive, provided they can adequately monetize.

“Of course, content has always been important. Why the focus
here? Why now? Simply because today’s mobile devices —
starting with the iPhone — and now with newer, more capable
devices including the Hero from HTC/Sprint, Droid from
Motorola/Verizon, are simply awesome devices upon which to view

“And let’s not forget other players such as a legion of
Symbian and Windows Mobile devices that have been paving the way
and carrying the water for years. They are formidable in their own
right — and of course the other newcomers from Palm —
the WebOS devices, Pre and Pixie. All of these devices are
tremendous content-viewing platforms. Some better than others,
sure, but all very good.”


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