Android: Swimming With the Patent Sharks

“The folks in Mountain View should be celebrating. After all,
Google Android has been on a tear these past six months, claiming
32 percent of all new smartphone purchases, according to Nielsen
data. Dampening the mood at the Googleplex, however, is a rash of
lawsuits directly or indirectly aimed at Android. Google may be
winning in the mobile market, but it’s unclear how it will fare in
court. Related Research

“It’s also not clear what the company could have done
differently. Lawsuits, after all, appear to be par for the course
in the mobile market, with at least 20 lawsuits being flung between
companies as diverse as Kodak, Oracle, Toshiba, Samsung, and

“But Android particularly annoys Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle,
albeit for very different reasons.”

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