Another Day Another Distro–Part 6–Slackware 12

“After my positive experience of Debian it was time to move on
and this time I chose Slackware 12 to try out. I didn’t know
anything about Slackware going into it and I certainly didn’t know
what I was getting myself into, ‘fools rush in’ as they say. I
certainly did. Slackware was an effort to say the least, I spent a
couple of days with it. So, here’s what happened on my Slackware

“As I’ve said I really didn’t know anything about Slackware
before this and it was something of a black spot in my Linux
knowledge, not the only one as you will probably have guessed. I’d
never even heard anything about it and I assumed it would be an
easy distro to use because the term ‘slacker’ usually means someone
who likes to take life easy, boy was I wrong…”

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