Apache Disavows Team OpenOffice.org e.V.

[ Thanks to Amy
for this link. ]

“If indeed Apache OpenOffice.org project is doing fine, then
questions must now be raised about the role of Team OpenOffice.org
e.V., the group that publicly called for funds for the office suite
project last week, using statements such as “OpenOffice.org can’t
be allowed to die!”

“The first (and really only) question: for whom was Team
OpenOffice.org e.V. raising money? Apache OpenOffice.org, or
perhaps their own coffers?

“Shane Curcuru, Apache OpenOffice.org podling mentor, took the
time to respond directly to Thursday’s story, and clarified a few
things. Number one, the nomenclature for OpenOffice.org: the
project should now, as part of the ASF, be called Apache
OpenOffice.org. “

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