Apache forges ahead with OpenOffice.org suite

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“Built for testing and debugging, version 3.4 is not intended to
be a feature release but is geared to comply with Apache IP
clearance policies. New end-user releases of OpenOffice.org
eventually will follow. Improvements are eyed in areas such as
digital signatures and metadata, with the suite adopting
technologies from the OASIS ODF 1.2 specification. ODF is leveraged
by OpenOffice.org.

“The “permissive” Apache License 2.0 reduces restrictions on use
of Apache code and enables a diverse contributor and user base,
Apache said. ‘Our license and open development model is widely
recognized as one of the best ways to ensure open standards, such
as ODF, gain traction and adoption,’ Apache said. OpenOffice.org
code was donated to Apache by Oracle in June, but not before a
forking of the project, LibreOffice, a result of uneasiness over
Oracle’s plans for the suite, acquired when Oracle bought Sun
Microsystems in 2010.”

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