Apache Today: First Post–Apache Today Launched!

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

“Apache powers 60 percent of the web–literally dwarfing any
compeitors or would-be competitors, with no end to the trend in
sight. PHP is now in use on over two million websites worldwide,
and that number is growing. Both are big-league examples of the
Open Source phenomena: Virtually no marketing dollars spent in
comparison to their closest compeitors, yet growing at phenominal
rates. Open source Apache and PHP are fast, extensible, sensible,
fairly stable from my experiences, and most importantly–free.”

What Will Apache Today Be?
That’s up to the folks that visit. Here are some wishes I would
like to see fulfilled:

  • A place where honorable discussion can take place
    regarding the most successful Open Source project ever.
  • A place where any item about Apache can be found, and
    if it’s an Apache resource you should be able to find it here.
  • A wide, diverse spectrum of views and styles. I’d like
    to see article commentary in all styles–business cases, humor, you
    name it. “

“Some of the things I peronally don’t want it to be… A Linux
Today clone. Apache Today may bear a striking resemblance to the
Linux Today (because it is, in a way a clone of Linux Today’s code
base), but I would wish more that the community that gathers here
would be open to more diversity–all Apache operating system
platforms, including proprietary ones–should be accepted. People
should not flame another on a choice that they would not have made

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