Apache Today: The Perl You Need to Know, Part II: Working with Warning Messages

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for this link. ]

“In this article we continue to talk about the essential Perl
basics, that you should know before starting to program for

Sometimes it’s very hard to understand what a warning is
complaining about. You see the source code, but you cannot
understand why some specific snippet produces that warning. The
mystery often results from the fact that the code can be called
from different places if it’s located inside a

“…It’s a known fact, that one cannot become a Perl hacker and
especially mod_perl hacker without knowing how to read Perl
documentation and search through it. Books are good, but an easily
accessible and searchable Perl reference at your fingertips is a
great time saver. It always has the up-to-date information for the
version of perl you’re using.”

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