Arch Linux 2017.12.01 Now Available to Download as the Last ISO Snapshot in 2017

Arch Linux 2017.12.01 is out, and it’s the last ISO snapshot of the acclaimed GNU/Linux distribution to be released in 2017. Still powered by a kernel from the Linux 4.13 series, namely version 4.13.12, Arch Linux 2017.12.01 brings all the updates that have been released during the entire month of November 2017. While Arch Linux is already powered by the latest Linux 4.14 LTS kernel as of December 3, 2017, unfortunately, the last ISO snapshot of 2017 is using the Linux 4.13 kernel, which reached end of life last month. This means that you’ll still have to upgrade the kernel when installing the distro using the Arch Linux 2017.12.01 ISO image.