Ardour 5.6 Open-Source DAW Improves Unloading of Large Sessions, Adds Many Fixes

Ardour 5.6 comes two months after the release of the previous version, and it looks like it’s yet another big update implementing numerous improvements and fixing some of those nasty bugs reported by users lately. For example, the transport bar has been greatly revamped to use space more effectively and efficiently, and there’s a new design that allows for session navigation while the Mixer tab is in use. Multiple visible elements have been implemented as well in Ardour 5.6, and the Preferences dialog was redesigned to allow users to browse and find all the available settings a lot easier than before. Furthermore, the new Ardour release supports session archiving, adds a new General MIDI default synth for MIDI tracks, and allows for quick and direct control of routing for multitimbral synth plugins.