Are You a Screen Addict?

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“Two of my favorite movies, Blade Runner and Total
Recall, have these scenes where their view of the future is filled
with video screens hanging everywhere as the characters move about
their daily lives.

“Amazingly, this future has already arrived, and we have become
screen addicts. I can go from my home PC, TV, Kindle, cell phone to
subway (multiple TVs per car, playing sports highlights and other
ads), to restaurant and sports arenas. Our cars have a GPS and
seat-back videos for the kiddies. There are billboards that are
just large video displays popping up around town, almost to the
point of being too distracting with their changing images. Bus
shelters and even taxicabs have video advertisements running both
inside and out. Even our phones have multiple screens and video
cameras now.”