AriOS Review – Yet Another Ubuntu Derived Linux Distro

[ Thanks to kiterunner for this link.

“So what is AriOS? According to its well-done and nice-looking
website, it is a Persian distribution that aims to combine a whole
lot of extra stuff with an Ubuntu base to make an OS that is
instantly usable out-of-the-box. But doesn’t that sound an awful
lot like other distributions such as Pinguy OS? Well, that’s why
I’m trying it out! I tried AriOS on a live USB made with
UnetBootin. I didn’t install it because, well, an Ubuntu
installation is an Ubuntu installation, so I saw no need to do it
once more. Please continue reading to see what it’s like.

“After changing the BIOS to boot from my USB drive and getting
past the UnetBootin boot menu, I was greeted by a Plymouth boot
splash with the same background and dot style as that of Ubuntu but
with the AriOS logo. The boot process happened fairly quickly, and
I was then led into the desktop.”

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