Asia Computer Weekly: Open source community starts to grow in Asia

“The open source method has been used with success not just by
Linux vendors, but also by BEA with Weblogic, an Enterprise
Javabeans-based application server for developing and deploying
Web, network and distributed database applications.”

“In Q1, 22% of licence revenues came from WebLogic, and the
business unit grew 900% in six months in revenue terms.”

“‘We want to transform the equity of Tuxedo to Weblogic, into
the more ubiquitous marketplace,’ explained Alfred Chuang,
president, WebXpress, and co-founder BEA Systems. ‘Because only one
vendor is providing Tuxedo, it is not perceived as open. We knew
the next generation of the technology has to be object-oriented.
CORBA was very “techie”, low-level technology. COM was a
monopolistic play. We decided to take Java to the enterprise.'”

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