AsiaBizTech: IBM Japan’s Netfinity Strategy Provides More Options, Manager Says

“Nikkei Windows 2000 interviewed Jiro Fujimoto, manager of IBM
Japan’s Marketing Management – Netfinity Product Management and
Marketing group, on strategies for the PC server business. The
following is a summary of his comments:”

“Users have changed their views on Linux as IBM Japan announced
support for Linux on all types of servers. They apparently are
starting to have more confidence in Linux, and are watching IBM’s
moves. We estimate that the sales of Linux servers will increase to
20 percent of total server sales in 2000.”

“However, it’s not appropriate to ask which is our main focus,
Linux or Windows 2000. Different users seek to utilize various
products — what they want really differs depending on who they
are, sales channels, price ranges of systems to be provided and
other factors. What is important to users is a widening of the
range of options. No matter what operating system users might
choose, IBM can provide sufficient support.”

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