AsiaBizTech: Red Hat to Set Up Japan Unit, Japanese Red Hat Linux6.0 to Debut in October

The Japanese company will inaugurate business as a 100
percent owned subsidiary to U.S. Red Hat.
Masanobu Hirano, who
served as president of Hyperion Solutions Corp., a vendor of
decision-support software, is expected to assume post of president
of the new company.”

” The company is proceeding with the work of converting the
latest version of Red Hat Linux6.0 into Japanese, and is expected
to put it on the market in October 1999, at the latest.”

“It says that it will provide a free-of-charge upgrade service
to the Japanese version of Red Hat Linux6.0 for users of the
Japanese version of redhat Linux5.2, which has been available from
Itsutsubashi Research Co., Ltd.”

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