Asterisk SCF Goes for Scale in New Open Source VoIP Project

[ Thanks to smk for this link.

“The open source Asterisk project started off as an
effort to be an on-premise IP-PBX. Over the years, demand for
increasingly scalable and modular approaches for voice
communications has grown, which is why a new Asterisk project is
being announced this week.

“The Asterisk Scalable Communications Framework (SCF) is a new
project sponsored by Digium that aims to build an open source VoIP
system for large-scale deployments.

“”This is motivated by need to be able to provide transparent
fault tolerance and give application developers what they need to
build the types of things they want to build now, which is
primarily not PBX based applications,” Kevin Fleming, Director of
Software Technologies at Digium told InternetNews.com.”