ATI R300/400 Linux Performance

[ Thanks to Michael for this link.

“To some extent, ATI’s R300 and R400 series is more popular than
the R500 (and now R600) series for Linux users. The R300/400 series
has a reliable open-source driver and while the performance of the
X.Org Radeon driver lags behind ATI’s binary driver, it’s currently
the fastest for offering open-source 3D performance on dedicated
graphics cards. With the cards being around much longer, they are
also much cheaper and have become somewhat popular for Linux
desktops that can power Compiz and Beryl “eye candy” effects.
However, it’s just not the R500 and R600 series that receive a nice
performance boost from the new ATI/AMD Linux driver, but so does
the R300/400 series. Using the fglrx 8.41 driver on this older
graphics hardware will allow for a sizable performance improvement
compared to the older binary drivers. Much of AMD’s focus is on the
R500 and R600 series, as is our focus, but we’ve completed some
benchmarks comparing the new and old fglrx drivers using an ATI
Mobility Radeon X300 64MB and ATI Radeon X800XL 256MB graphics

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