Augen Tablet Will Dual-Boot Ubuntu and Android

“Hard on the heels of the news last week of Acer’s dual-booting
netbooks, Augen has announced that one of its six forthcoming
tablets will run both Android and Ubuntu.

“Whereas Acer’s dual-core netbooks will offer Android and
Windows 7, Augen’s Gentouch Espresso Doppio will be the first
device to dual-boot the two Linux-based operating systems, the
Florida company says. Users will be able to select either Android
2.2 or Ubuntu when turning on the tablet, which is designed to
offer the full functionality of a laptop with email, social
networking, business applications and printing capabilities.

“The Doppio’s form factor comprises a detachable 10.2-inch
tablet with an enhanced-brightness and high-resolution 1024-by-768
Multi-Touch Capacitive Screen; its base, meanwhile, includes a
QWERTY chocolate-style LED backlit keyboard. Both components
contain an independent lithium 6000 mAh battery capable of offering
10 hours of usage individually; when docked together, the devices
provide a combined battery life of up to 15 hours.”

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